Business Simplified

Symptoms of costly complexity

  • Slow response times & reporting
  • Overly manual processes
  • Excessive overtime
  • Rising costs & falling profits

Complexity kills growing businesses


What complexity costs

Unchecked & unmanaged it leads to a loss of

  • Communication & Coordination
  • Reporting and quality of information
  • Efficiency
  • Customer service and knowledge

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How complexity kills businesses

Organisations grow without managing or updating their sytems and processes

  • Information spreads uncontrolled across multiple systems
  • Data pollution grows from improper managment and use of systems
  • Reporting by managers consumes growing time and effort
  • Reporting becomes inaccurate and fluid
  • Errors grow with information volume, exponentially with manual processes

What you can do about it

You can take steps to resolve

  • Analyse structure, processes, information systems, data flow and reporting
  • Eliminate bottlenecks & risks, update processes, training
  • Integrate information systems, automatic reporting and KPI's
  • Continual improvement

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